Star Wars: The Old Republic releases another trailer for Knights of the Eternal Throne

BioWare suddenly released yet another gameplay trailer for the next Star Wars: The Old Republic expansion. Much like the previous Knights of the Eternal Throne trailer, this one lasts only about 30 seconds but is packed with all sorts of tidbits of information.

Voiced by Darin DePaul, the ghost of Valkorion speaks to the player as he battles against the newly self-appointed Empress of the Eternal Empire, Vaylin. The Rule the Galaxy trailer, coupled with the previous Your Destiny trailer, clearly reveals to us that players will have to make choices that could change the galaxy forever.

If you have subscribed to SWTOR from October 25th to November 27th, then you will gain early access to Knights of the Eternal Throne on November 29th. Everyone else who is subscribed, KOTET will be available for you on December 2nd. And if you’re looking to learn more about what to expect in the next game update 5.0, read this week’s Hyperspace Beacon.



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