Conan Exiles discusses character creation and your list of crimes

Conan Exiles discusses character creation and your list of crimes

Conan Exiles’ latest dev blog is all about first steps… yours. Specifically, it’s about the character creation and earliest stages of the game, and just to get you in the mood, Funcom has peppered the piece with screenshots of crucified characters. Never forget you’re just rolling a meat popsicle, right?!

The studio says it’s “drawing on [its] MMORPG expertise to create something new” for the multiplayer sandbox survival genre. While we’ll start with a few prefab faces in character creation, we can tweak them to our specifications. “At the moment we have 11 hairstyles, a wide range of skin colors and 14 races and ethnicities, all drawn from Robert E. Howard’s universe and offered to the players from the very beginning,” explains Funcom. “Offering a large number of options for players is very important to us.”

What’s intriguingly unique about the system is that you also get to choose the crimes for which you’ve been sentenced to death. They’re not all horrific; the screenshot shows a few amusing ones, including “debauchery” and “cultural appropriation,” which we’re going to assume is eyes-open, self-deprecatory humor for a studio that’s been working in Howard’s universe for a decade.

Rescued from your doom, your character has but one real task: staying alive, which probably means heading to safety or building your own shelter. And now we’re in survivalbox territory indeed.

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