Former Cryptic devs form Cold Iron studio to build ‘AAA online action games’


Every wonder what happened to Craig Zinkievich after he moved on from Star Trek Online and Cryptic Studios? Turns out he and several other former Cryptic bigwigs got busy building a new studio, and they’ve unveiled it today. It’s called Cold Iron, and it’s touting itself as “a new fully funded game development studio focused on forging thrilling, high-quality AAA online action games,” with “a passionate team of veteran game developers with decades of experience creating critically acclaimed and hugely successful MMO and action titles.”

“Cold Iron is currently working on developing its first major action game for consoles and PC – an original sci-fi title developed on the Unreal 4 engine. While details on the unannounced title will be released at a later date, even in its infancy Cold Iron has procured full funding to see their dream to fruition.”

So maybe not an MMO, but I guess we’ll see, given the pedigrees in play here.

Zinkievich, who’s known to MMORPG players for his work on City of Heroes, Star Trek Online, and Neverwinter, is joined by Shannon Posniewski, who worked on the same games plus Champions Online, and Matt Highison, the former Neverwinter art director.

Source: Press release, studio site
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