ARK: Survival Evolved launches on PS4 today, plans spring 2017 ‘final product’


Welcome to ARK: Survival Evolved, PS4 players. Watch out for the dinos.

Yes, Studio Wildcard’s dino survival sandbox has launched for the Sony console today in the form of its new “Survivor’s Pack,” which includes both the original game and the Scorched Earth expansion for its $54.99 pricetag. There’s a bit of PS4 exclusive content too (skins, mainly).

Wildcard also announced today that it’s picked a date, or a season, anyway, to launch the game out of early access, where it’s been lingering on PC. Expect the “final product” this coming spring.

“Distributed exclusively worldwide by Solutions 2 GO Inc., the physical disc-based ARK for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will hit retail for $59.99USD. At that time, the equivalent console and PC digital versions of ARK: Survival Evolved will also be priced at $59.99USD, while the Scorched Earth Expansion Pack will be permanently available for $19.99USD.”

We’ve tucked the new trailer below. (It’s gorgeous!)

Source: Press release, official site
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