Dragon Quest Heroes II is hitting the PlayStation 4 in April 2017

I mean, all right, then.

Are you eagerly anticipating the day that Dragon Quest X graces the shores of North America? Well, too bad; that’s not the announcement we’ve got for you today. But you can at least slightly assuage your need for multiplayer Dragon Quest gameplay with the upcoming Dragon Quest Heroes II, launching for the PlayStation 4 on April 25th, 2017. It’s not quite the same thing, but you can form a party with other players online and take on enormous monsters, so it’s at least in the same food group.

The game is billed as an action RPG with plenty of familiar faces for fans of previous Dragon Quest installments, although the headlining characters are a pair of cousins that get stuck in the middle of the first war to visit the world in a thousand year. You’ll have to work overtime to restore peace to the land, and that means precision application of violence. Check out screenshots and the opening announcement trailer just below.

Source: Square-Enix press release

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