Guardians of Ember headstart access begins today

Head from the start.
Sometimes you want to play a game that offers you nuanced morality and a careful examination of your place in the universe. Other times, you want to play a game where your main moral debate is between hacking, slashing, or both hacking and slashing. Guardians of Ember is meant to scratch that latter itch, and backers of the game’s IndieGoGo project can start getting in and answering these philosophical quandries today.

For players who don’t have headstart access, the game is unlocking for early access tomorrow, so it’s not going to be a lengthy gap between releases. Prospective players should be aware that the game will still contain bugs, as it says as much in the day’s headstart announcement (and whatever bugs are in there today are likely to still be there tomorrow, let’s be realistic). Still, if you’re feeling the pull of smashing the heck out of some vaguely demonic enemies, the headstart players can get to work on that today. Everyone else just has to wait a day.

Source: Steam page; thanks to Ville Uusitalo for the tip!

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