Crowfall Q&A tackles skills and ‘big world’ testing

Why did you keep going?

As 2016 comes to a close, Crowfall finds itself in pre-alpha testing involving the so-called “big world.” At this point the community has many questions for the team (some 15 or 16 pages’ worth, according to ArtCraft), and today the devs do their best to address those pertaining to skills and the big world.

In the Q&A video, the devs talk about diminishing returns in skills, blacklists on personal vendors, skipping ahead in crafting progression trees, power differentials between players, and the possibility of skill training through a website or app. The devs said that they “overachieved” with the recent big world test, although they saw that the zerg issue was severe¬†and would need addressing with safe spaces.

“Our entire approach with this project is ‘grow into your success,'” J. Todd Coleman¬†said. “One of the things we’re terrified of, and rightful so, is building up a bunch of tech, propping it up on launch day, and having it collapse.

Your 14 minutes of roguish smiles and informative answers await you below.

Source: Crowfall

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