A Guild Wars 2 player has discovered the game’s gold cap


How much money can you hold at any given time in Guild Wars 2? You might be the type of player who struggles to hang on to 10 gold without blowing it on the trading post, but one gamer, Numerix, made it a goal to save up as much cash as possible. In so doing, Numerix discovered Guild Wars 2’s previously unannounced gold cap: 200,000.

“Today I reached 200,000 G, and with it, the maximum you can store in your wallet,” the player told Reddit. “But I’m not really happy about it, because my target [was a] million. And the worst of all is the fact that there is no hidden achievement or title if you reach the end of the wallet.”

Numerix provided screenshot proof of this event along with tales of other achievements in the game. Now how about spreading some of that gold around, eh?

Source: Reddit. Thanks Kieran!

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