World of Warcraft opens a portal to Diablo’s cow level


World of Warcraft is horning in on one of the most famous Easter eggs in the Diablo franchise: the cow level. As part of the Diablo 20th anniversary event, WoW players can mooove into a bovine-infested instance.

The cow level is accessed by killing a treasure goblin, which can spawn anywhere in Legion, including the dungeons. Doing so opens a portal to the cow level, which is a small farm crawling with udderly ridiculous foes. There’s even a cow king that drops a ton of loot, including a Twelve-String Guitar that plays the Tristram theme. Players will want to milk this mini-event for all its worth, as it ends on January 11th.

Don’t believe us? We wouldn’t steer you wrong. Check out the following video for eyewitness accounts!

Source: Wowhead