Shroud of the Avatar unloads one of its largest releases to date


Thanks to the confluence of holiday time off and the culmination of several projects, Shroud of the Avatar’s Release 38 is turning out to be one of the biggest updates the game has put out yet.

The content update, which launches today, adds several new zones, revamps others, rebuilds the NPC conversation interface, wipes out scores of bugs, and tosses in deadly traps to keep you on your toes in dungeons.

“We made huge strides forward on multiple scenes throughout the game, including rebuilds of Brookside, Xenos, Vauban Pass, Solania, and multiple Perennial Coast scenes,” the devs said. “We also added the new Canyon Siege scene to the Town Siege rotation and added the new PVP scene of Blood Bay to Spindrift Bay. Additionally, we began polishing the Path of Courage with special attention to Highvale.”

Source: Patch notes
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