Elite: Dangerous details the operation of multicrew ships

Someone take the helm.

There’s a lot to take in at once while you’re flying a ship in Elite: Dangerous. The game’s next update will make that a little bit easier, though; you won’t actually have less to keep track of, but you can spread the duties of the ship to three separate crew members. The latest development dispatch explains how multicrew functionality will work with the game, starting with the fact that you’ll have to accept a little break from reality in terms of picking up crew members (you can instantly crew your ship from anywhere, no need to pick the other players up physically).

Three roles are available to players on a ship. The ship’s owner will always take the helm control, while another player can handle gunnery and a third player can control a deployed fighter in addition to the NPC-crewed fighter. Players on a multicrew ship will also be able to add extra power to the ship’s operation, ensuring that your companions will be a help rather than a hindrance. Crew members will also receive rewards from any bounties taken on while on the ship, so you can still make money while you fly with your friends.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Cotic for the tip!
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