The Exiled launches Season 2 with a trial extension and a big patch

So long.

The second season of The Exiled is arriving, and while that sounds like the preamble to some critically acclaimed drama series starting up again, it’s actually a major update for a video game. The Exiled has been in early access for about a month now, and so the second season is arriving to the game with some big shifts, including a new party system for players to group up together and support for the new role of healer. Now you won’t just stub your toe and then wait to die!

The 1.1 patch also adds in the diplomacy system, several balance adjustments, and many quality-of-life improvements. New players can now get a free seven-day trial just for downloading the game from Steam, while returning players get two days of free trial status for jumping back in. If you’re curious about the game’s progress in early access, it seems like the right time to check.

Source: Fairytale Distillery press release, patch notes

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4 years ago

I wish they would rename this game again to something like Das Tal: The Exiled, i still wouldn’t play it unless the day received a few extra hours but at least i wouldn’t have to click the link to all the articles about the game to remember which game the article is talking about.

Also a second season of a game that hasn’t even properly launched (this EA thing is getting out of control), is a bit strange.

Baptiste Mahieux
4 years ago
Reply to  Witches

Seasons are part of the game. A season lasts about a month and then the world is reset and everyone starts from scratch. It’s also the time when the devs update the game. This is no business-related kind of relaunch thingy we see in other games that means “yo let’s forget what happened in Season 1 and look at what we bring today instead”. It’s just the name of a cycle.

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4 years ago

Average of 43 players on their first month in EA.

4 years ago
Reply to  Armsbend

Really tried to like the game. During the many closed beta and alpha tests the game wasn’t that bad with medium size groups of players on the server.

But I always ran into the problem of just trying to figure out what this game wants to be. Never could figure that out.