The Elder Scrolls Online releases Morrowind PAX recap trailer

ZeniMax has put out a fresh Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind video this morning, this time showcasing the PAX East reception for its battleground content and new Warden class. “Lucky players went head-to-head in Battlegrounds, fighting for supremacy in 4v4v4 showdowns using devastating new ice spells, tossing enemies into the searing lava of Red Mountain, and battling massive War Bears, which tore apart anything and anyone who dared attack their Warden masters,” gushes the studio.

It’s a little cheesy, admittedly, with carefully cut clips of journalists and players, but there are a few familiar faces, including prominent Skyrim vlogger “Grandma” Shirley Curry, whom everyone should be watching.

Morrowind took home our “most anticipated” award at this year’s PAX, and our ESO columnist Larry Everett has since deep-dived the battlegrounds in particular, raising concerns about their impact on the future of the game’s PvP. Check out the new trailer below!

Source: YouTube, press release

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roo woods
roo woods

I wonder how well 3 sided battlegrounds will work . Its a decent game so hopefully this will be a good addition to it but its a shame the community is so toxic .

Steve Fury

I don’t know about the community who actually plays the game. Its the single player skyrim players who are toxic and impossible to escape. Theyre relentless. Down voting all ESO videos and complaining about ES6 not being out.


Well, beyond getting a few glimpses into what the battlegrounds look like, I think the most important take away for me is that I now know how to pronounce Firor (/i/ as in /high/). I always thought it was pronounced /Fear-or/.

Nick Smith

Looking forward to this :)

Teala Te'Jir

I really disliked this game during the initial beta’s and when it first released. Matt Frior was taking the game and the TES world and turning into a new DAOC. Three realms, one huge frontier to fight over – you couldn’t explore the whole world because of the stupid alliance restraints. For awhile the game struggled to gain players due to that and that it didn’t really play like a TES game. Then Bethesda woke-up and said – this is not DAOC part deux – this is a TES game and it should play like one. Thank the gaming gods Bethesda woke up and made Zenimax start making the changes needed to make this game what it is today – the game we should have gotten at release. With One Tamriel and the “alliance” crap done away with this allows for players to experience the game as it should have been.

Now Bethesda and Zenimax are in a position to really open this game up. Bring in more world content – classes – and expand on classes all ready in game(bring in more magic spells and expand magic class options(necromancy and illusionist)) and bring in other non-magic combat classes. Oh and they better make a sorc tower in game.

The game has plenty of room to grow and I am excited for the first time about an MMORPG. ESO is starting to really shine and people and people are taking notice. :)


Say what you will Zenimax is giving Blizzard significant competition, especially since Blizzard has adopted the Esports first last and always policy.

I had many friends attend Pax east and the Buzz about Morrowind was huge, one friend told me it was the most crowded booth at PAX. I think currently ESO and FFXVI are the top two MMO’s and WoW being a distant third, but to be fair Blizzard has shifted it’s focus, and seems to not have a issue with giving up the throne.

I’m excited for both ZoS and Square Enix, both companies are using proprietary Engines for their MMo’s and that means the graphical content can evolve and both Companies seem to actually be listening to people that actually play the game and not the forum Trolls. The biggest challenge ZoS faces now is technical growing pains that effect bandwidth, if they can get hold of that, they have a very bright future with ESO.

Matthäus Wey

” both companies are using proprietary Engines for their MMo’s and that means the graphical content can evolve ”

No, just no. Both games are bound to a console which basically means no room for big improvements. For example Zenimax even said they’ll probably never fully upgrade the engine / visuals thanks to consoles. The only thing they really can play with are better shaders. Almost the same goes for FF14. No big plan for upgrading visuals even though they’re going to drop the PS3 with the next expansion. Instead of working on visuals they’re goign to work on bigger maps.

Dug From The Earth

I agree with you for Final Fantasy. They built that game on console, and ported it over to PC. Its pretty much a dead end when it comes to evolving unless they port it to the PS5 when it comes out, and advance the engine there first.

As for ESO, it was designed FIRST on PC… and ran many many months on PC only before they even began working on a console port. They most certainly can advance their PC engine without it affecting console. They already have completely seperate builds for the games, which is why content doesnt even release at the same time. (much like blizzard with Diablo 3)

Oh, and just some facts. They already HAVE advanced ESO’s engine on pc.

– They completely redesigned the lighting engine in the game
– They created a 64bit version (was 32bit originally)
– They moved from being a 100% single core engine, to allowing some of the additional CPU cores to help with game load (still needs a LOT more work in this area)

Matthäus Wey

Even though ESO was PC only for a long time the console ports runs much better. That said they’ll never let the PC version look much better than the console port. This probably is the reason why they said the only thing they really can work on are better shaders.

Dug From The Earth

What are you talking about?

One huge improvement would be for them to simply adjust the texture quality. This can already be done using config file tweaks, making the PC version of the game look dramatically more crisp and detailed than the console version. Better textures would need to be created to improve further, and nothing is stopping them from doing this other than time/manpower.

Their main focus right now needs to be on the engines performance. Further moving away from so much workload being put on just ONE cpu core. Once they do this, they can add all sorts of things to the engine. This isnt a “designed for console” bottleneck. This was a big “wrong direction” when they designed their custom engine in house. Its a LOT of work to reverse direction and go another way at this point.

As for the console port running better?

Ive got BOTH versions of the game. My PC runs ESO at 100+ FPS most of the time. The only time it dips lower is in super crowded cities, and big battles in Cyrodiil. In these locations, the performance drop is an engine problem shared ACROSS platforms. I see it on my PS4 just as much.

The PS4 and Xbox versions of ESO are capped at 30 FPS.

If your PC doesnt run ESO at more than 30 fps (excluding those 2 things I listed), then the problem here is your toaster, not the game.


The config file edit to increase texture quality is this:


to –


This will drastically help remove “blurry” textures, especially on characters

Be warned, if your pc cant run the game at more than 30 FPS, this will only make it run even slower

Matthäus Wey

I’m not talking about the games performance at all. With “runs better” I meant has more players/makes more profit. The game runs fine for me and my system is everything but outdated. However what I’m talking about is possible visual upgrades. Stuff like fog distance, light, etc.

There you go:


GS: Pivoting a bit to something long term. ESO is now three years old, and it still looks great …. -> probably going to get a dated feel visually. Do you have any idea on how you’re going to keep it fresh?

MF: Well, the console folks being 2/3 of our audience hampers further big upgrades … -> We’ll continue doing that stuff, but we’re not likely going to do a major overhaul or anything like that.


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