Black Death’s V0.12 overhauls combat and housing, offers new trailer


Indie survival sandbox The Black Death is due for a massive update any hour now. Last week, Small Impact Games told players that back in November, the team simply wasn’t happy with the state of the game, so back to the drawing board it went for a round of key feature-building and problem-fixing. Now it’s ready for us.

The update is packed with a fully revamped combat system, a proper diurnal system, new spawn locations for noobies, new pillaging areas “that nobody in their right mind would want to visit unless you want the best loot in the game,” and the “tip of the new housing system iceberg” with what the team is calling a “core feature set” for housing that’ll be expanded heavily moving forward.

The update was meant to go live yesterday but was held back a day and change thanks to bug and internet issues. While you wait, check out the brand-new trailer out for the update!

Update: It’s live now, and it has another new trailer:


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Robert Mann

Might eventually poke at this again, since they are overhauling so much. It just wasn’t even really ready for testing back early on. Too much server connection woes, not enough actual ability to play and test, came out a little too quickly in my opinion!


You know that feeling of wonder and excitement when a new MMO comes out? Thinking about what kind of majestic vistas and environments are out there, the zones with fantastic graphic design and hidden exciting elements?

Yeah i get none of that in Black Death. The setting looks so utterly depressing and bland, there is seemingly nothing that would excite me in that world.


I just don’t see the appeal of this game. Why would I want to immerse myself in this world?

Oleg Chebeneev

Hmm never heard of it. Looks decent