April Fools’ Day 2017: Hijinks across the MMOverse


If you don’t like tricks and jokes, just stop reading right now, turn the lights off, and go climb back into bed. Nothing on the internet is going to bring you joy today, so just sit this one out. Trust us.

For everyone else, there’s April Fools’ Day! Follow along as we rattle off all the great MMORPG pranks and events we’ve found so far this morning.

Shroud of the Avatar has announced it’s splitting into two halves, PvE and PvP, in a move it’s calling Trammucca! If you don’t get this, you’re too young for MMORPGs.

EVE Online introduces the Organic Mass Granulator to help you reprocess corpses and slaves! Spreadsheets to keep track of your grinding sold separately.

Black Desert is unveiling its new line of whiskey, Black Spirit, which I’ma start drinking as soon as I finish this list.

The FFXI and FFXIV subreddits joined forces to announce a brand-new spin-off game.

Guild Wars 2 is once again running the Super Adventure Box, this year with new achievements and weapon skins.

Crowfall’s April Fools’ Day joke started out as a joke, then got real. As in, you can really buy the joke stuff their non-artists drew. Thanks Rheem!

RuneScape announces… UnScape — a game where you start max level and delevel all the way back to newbiehood. OK, we laughed.

Atlas Reactor has a whole set of “4.1” patch notes with bits like “Titus’ Dirty Fighting has been reworked to Clean Fighting; his dagger has been replaced with a bar of soap” and a cardboard box outfit for Rampart.

Like VR? Like retro games? Prepare yourselves for AQ3D’s take on Retro VR!

Aion is instituting a curfew system to help you get more sleep by forcibly powering down your PC during sleepytime hours.

Bristlebane Day has returned to EverQuest II! Today is also known as the Highest of Silly days in honor of Gary Gygax, so don’t miss out on the special quest and rewards for that too.

Champions Online’s FoxbatCon has returned in celebration of April Fools’ Day.

Defiance is running its last weekend of Armistice events; it’s not strictly a joke event, but anyone logging in this weekend will pick up three days of sub status.

War Thunder has introduced a map called The Middle East. What could go wrong? (Thanks, Boris!)

This Devilian spring event isn’t strictly an April Fools’ Day joke, but it’s goofy, so hey why not.


World of Tanks has a joke extension called Trendstopper to help you think like an action hero.

Elsword: “Be our guest! because baby, we were Maid for this!” Yep.

Life is Feudal added pay-to-win “sleeper’s ale” to the game. Not really though! (Thanks, Robert!)

Dark Age of Camelot has joke patch notes up. “The number of quickbars has been reduced to two, but each quickbar has been expanded to 100 slots per page.” And so on.

RIFT has added goats as combat pets… whee!

Why not strip down and run around whacking everyone with a broom, Elder Scrolls Online wants to know. (Thanks, MrSaxon and Hurbster!)

Warframe is introducing what looks like a pinecone warframe. Thanks, ZenDadaist!

Titan Network has made changes to the City of Heroes Paragon Chat client — just one face and select dance moves, and they’re renaming it Millennium Chat. Hah!

Secret World Legends announced another reformat of its game type. Way too soon for this, dudes.

We’re sure there are more… give a shout-out in the comments as you spot them!

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