Crowfall adds skill loadout customization

Thanks to a new update, Crowfall is giving its players more freedom than before in customizing their own playstyle. The focus here is on an adjustable user interface that allows a player to drag whichever skill they prefer into the hotbar slot of choice.

The discussion of this new UI feature involves a look at Crowfall’s three types of skills: active, passive, and retaliatory. These can be mapped to the number keys, letter keys, and mouse buttons as desired.

“It may seem a pretty mundane thing to talk about, but the arrival of this system portents so many things coming on the horizon (like Disciplines),” said Design Lead Thomas Blair. “No one has really needed to think about loading out their character’s powers in the past as each archetype was built to have a very specific loadout of powers, but now it will be vital to ensure you have the powers loaded out into their proper slots.”

Source: Crowfall
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Shiro Madoushi

They are trying too hard to fuse moba with mmo. I’m afraid the MMOBA is a going to end up disappointing fans of both. Crowfall will probably end up like Shou Tucker’s first chimera in Full Metal Alchemist.

odin valhalla

Ya the more I read their forums and listen to their dev’s the more I become leary of this title. I mean dragging skills to a UI bar in an MMO isn’t a big deal but I’m beginning to suspect that the cumulative effect of their ideas are not gelling. Smart guys that are ambitious and have a lot of great ideas for sure but its one thing to say “AWESOME LETS TRY THAT”, it’s another to actually meld it into some semblance of a game.

Sometimes keeping it simple is the better way to go, plenty of time down the road to try new things.