Final Fantasy XI prepares for its May version update

This was the account.

This month’s version update for Final Fantasy XI is a little bit smaller than normal. Of course, that’s understandable; there’s a 15-year anniversary celebration to plan, that’s going to eat up a lot of time and resources. (Also, you know, the game is supposed to be in maintenance mode, which would be a bit of a red flag to most games.) But there’s still an update on the way, bringing along with it more Escutcheon progress, adding new Ambuscade enemies, and even upping the level cap on the game’s free trial.

Players will also be able to pick up another Ark Angel alter ego and can look forward to new Records of Eminence objectives along with some job adjustments. There are even going to be new pieces of equipment to synthesize for players who need a little more incentive. So after 15 years, there’s still new stuff arriving in Vana’diel for players to enjoy. Possibly crab-related.

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Alexander Smith

I really wish I got into this game back in the day. SE continues to show they know how to run an MMO even after all these years :D.

Mr Poolaty

I just want to go back to Bastok and not have to be on a pc!!


I find it awesome and funny how ‘maintenance mode’ for this game means ‘we’re still giving it updates, just nothing huge on the story aspect’. Compared to other games that are basically dead after being thrown into maintenance mode or are basically in unofficial maintenance mode already.