Legends of Aria charges straight at the Knight prestige class


What is a skill-based, freeform character system doing with classes? While it might seem like an oxymoron, Legends of Aria says that it has good reason for including optional prestige classes in its skill-based MMO, which is that it offers more choice for enhanced playstyles without destroying the game’s balance. To tell the truth, the explanation for all of this seems a little murky after the team’s strongly worded diatribe against classes, but we’ll hope they know what they’re doing.

A new dev blog goes into depth about the “defensively minded” Knight prestige class, including its skills. The Knight has an AoE taunt, can bash opponents with his shield, and can activate a “vanguard” mode to become an unmovable pain-returning champion. Right now the game is limiting players to a single prestige class each, with these classes only sporting three abilities, although this is expected to change.

The team also posted a map of the two regions that it’s currently using in alpha testing: Upper Plains and Barren Lands (does this feature Barrens chat?). These maps are divided into safe zones and lawless PvP regions that are only occasionally patrolled by guards.


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Really enjoying this game. The spirit of UP is definitely alive here. Only with a much more modern engine.


The prestige class is something to be worked towards thru the traditional skill system, not something you will just be right from the start. Currently you can select a prestige class but I think that is just a function of the alpha to allow testing. Think of it like this.. all skills start at 0 and to become a knight you need X Y and Z skills to be at or above 200. That will then unlock the knight prestige which you then can only learn by reading a scroll. Once you become a knight new skills unlock as you increase knight specific skills. I think what they are attempting is to not go the way of traditional class systems but instead doing like The Secret World did where they had those templates you could make a build around.