Path of Exile gives Ascendants a tune-up

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Ascendants who feel as if they’re the neglected child of the Path of Exile family will be getting a special treat with this fall’s expansion. The Fall of Oriath is going to include a tune-up for this underperforming class to make it more desirable for those playing or thinking about playing an Ascendant build.

“The Ascendant (Scion Ascendancy) class will undergo some significant changes that focus on making the class more powerful and on-par with the other classes,” the studio said on the forums. We’ve done this by taking some of the more build-defining features from the other eighteen Ascendancy classes and incorporating them on the Ascendant tree.”

This means that most of the skill trees for the Ascendant have been reworked, offering all sorts of new build possibilities and combinations. No doubt, the community will be experimenting with optimal builds during the summer Patch 3.0 beta test.

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Good to hear! I hardly ever play scion but maybe I will considering this revamp.


Honestly, not much of a tune up. I used to play Scion all the time until Ascendancy, where she was and continues to be screwed. Even with these changes, she still has all the same problems.
This is a bandage to a gaping, feasting wound. It’s an improvement, but not much of one.