Dark and Light starts its closed beta test


Fantasy sandbox reboot Dark and Light kicked off its first closed beta test yesterday, but chances are that you are not a part of it. That’s because only a relatively small number of people were invited to participate. However, the team said that more invites are on the way.

“We’d like to thank everyone who showed their support for Dark and Light by signing up for our first closed beta,” the team posted on Facebook. “Our first test is relatively small-scale, but due to the overwhelming positive response for our first CBT, we plan on holding a second CBT in the near future. Anyone who has already signed up with the original survey link will be automatically entered into a pool of potential testers for all future closed beta tests.”

Dark and Light recently boasted about its gorgeous graphics tech at E3, which will allow players to take unparalleled screenshots of the sandbox.

Source: Twitter. Cheers Zander!
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Christopher Angeles

It looks so good! Gimme gimme!


I wonder if this is going to be as big of a smoke and mirrors scam as the first one was?


There is an NDA for the first beta :( so no screenshots or streams available. But the fact that it’s in ‘beta’ is an awesome sign.

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agemyth 😩

I want to get excited about this game because of how huge and ambitious it looks, but some of the videos haven’t looked very good and Snail Games has not shown itself to be a trustworthy company with cash shops imo yet.

I wanna check it out at least anyway.


The first MMORPG with a pause button!


Nvidia Ansel doesn’t pause Dark & Light or any game for that matter. It’s simply a tech that allows screenshots to be taken in 360° and the freedom to move the camera around the shot for edit.


You are silly.