Crowfall gives a sneak peek at its new eternal kingdom building blocks


Do you have visions of what your mighty castle fortress will look like in Crowfall’s eternal kingdom? To help with your fertile imagination — keep your eyes on the road while you’re daydreaming, sonny — the team posted several screenshots to show some of the pieces that players can use to create their fantasy dream home.

“We realized that we weren’t giving players quite enough Lego bricks to play with,” the devs admitted. “So we set about making a new batch of eternal kingdom assets for all your fort-building needs. Some of these are revised versions of the current pieces, while others are entirely new.”

The team is currently running Crowfall through its paces over the weekend with Pre-Alpha 5. Whether or not you’re in the test, you can listen to the devs jaw about what they hope to accomplish with it after the break.

Source: Crowfall

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Dragon Whimsy

I’m glad they’re expanding the building blocks available. To care about the PvP I need a long term goal, like getting resources for my Eternal Kingdom. I just really hope they add furniture and decorations too.


As has been said, it would seem Fornite is the Crowfall but without the PvP (all PvE). The advanced base building, account based level up, and so on. It got beat on that part. Only the PvP is the major difference, and honestly Crowfall hasn’t shown much grandeur in that aspect.


Fortnite is actually more like Orcs Must Die with some building/scavenging thrown in.


Fortnite’s building doesn’t compare Crowfall’s system imo. (I’m a fan of Fortnite btw). Crowfall is on a much larger scale in a much larger and more diverse environment.