Final Fantasy XI’s August update tweaks Monks and Ambuscade

Hey, it's okay.

The next version update for Final Fantasy XI is almost here, and it’s going to be a big one for Monks. That’s the focus aside from the usual monthly content overhauls; Monks have gotten some big adjustments regarding potency and abilities. You might want to test them out a bit before jumping right into that Ambuscade match, as well as double-checking your equipment stats, since those have also been adjusted. Lots of adjustments, in other words.

Of course, you may not really be thinking about high-end content yet because you’re very aware that your character is woefully behind anyhow, but that’s not a problem. August is going to be a month of catching up, with several bonus drop and equipment enhancement campaigns running through most of the month, along with a week of boosted experience and JP gains for players. Check out all of the campaign details if you want to get a leg up on advancement once the next update arrives on August 3rd.

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Daniel Miller

Even if they combined both it prob bw 22-25 dollar’s, cant expect it fr free

Chris Moss

Oh how I wish they would bundle FFXI and FFXIV subs.

Abby Gainsborough

Agreed. I’ve been wanting to play XI for a few months now, but i’m catching up on things like bills and medical expenses. I honestly don’t have the money to pony up for both subscriptions. So, I stick with XIV for now. But i’d love some XI action

Chris Moss

Currently playing XIV too, but there are times I really just want to jump on XI and play my PUP.

That game holds soooo many great memories for me.