WildStar says housing communities are coming soon, begins testing Prime Genetic Archives raid


Maybe it slipped under your radar, but WildStar has been quietly and diligently at work preparing the next two content updates for the game as well as activating several events for the month of August.

According to this month’s Dev Connect, Patch 1.7.3 is “nearing completion” with its new communities feature, a “Residential Renovation” monthly event, and a couple of prime difficulty dungeons. Following that later this year is Patch 1.7.4, which will roll out the Genetic Archives Prime Level 1. This raid is currently on the test servers.

So what will this Residential Renovation event include? The team briefly discussed it in a recent article: “Players will help housing designer and renovator extraordinaire, Sara Conavius, by completing a variety of activities to earn currency which can be traded for rewards.”

Next up for events in WildStar is Sim-Chase from August 14th through the 21st, followed by a double XP weekend on August 25th through the 28th.


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Maybe they shouldn’t have kept these updates such a secret, people might not have lost faith in them.


I honestly think at this point Carbine Studios has to have uncompromising pictures or knows where NCsoft buried a body….I mean it’s Niche title in the same way Alganon is a Niche title…right? Last time I logged it it was a wasteland…which is sad because had they not went that whole ‘Bring back the glory days of BC raiding and elitism” They might had been successful.


I enjoy Wildstar very much, but I think the player housing stuff is pure “fluff and frou-frou.” As for raids, I’m definitely not interested in those either, nor do I want more “endgame dungeons.” Bleh.

What this game desperately needs is more actual game content: new zones, new races, and/or new classes (but most especially new zones). My guess, though, is that the game is not generating enough revenue to justify meatier content, so Wildstar is in minimalistic “life support” mode at the moment.

All the “Sim-Chases” and seasonal event filler twaddle in the world is not going to keep me playing this game, but I’ll stick around for new zones and questing areas.


Saddest thing is, they promised more casual content and in general more of an extension to the existing game with Arcterra.

A year and a half later, this clearly didn’t happen.
More stats to grind, more difficulty modes for dungeons and raids is pretty much all they do.


I love the game, but as a filthy casual I had to move on, for just one reason: there’s not enough (casual) players. If they play it, I will come (back).