Final Fantasy XIV passes 10 million worldwide players and gets a small patch

With a bullet.
Looking forward to more ranked PvP in Final Fantasy XIV or just the removal of the game’s automatic logout? Both of those features have been brought around with the game’s latest minor patch, which also makes some balance tweaks to several jobs and adds in the latest incarnation of the Moonfire Faire to the game. (There’s even a development dispatch on what you can expect from the event if you’re at work and can’t start it up yet.)

This patch coincides with the announcement that the game has reached 10 million players worldwide, with the caveat that it’s a cumulative number including free and trial accounts. It’s credited to the game’s frequent and robust content updates giving players all over the world reason to subscribe. Certainly it doesn’t hurt that the game’s staff resolves issues like the recent Russian/Brazilian Steam subscription increase by crediting all affected players with 30 days of play time and locking the lower prices for 60 additional days due to the lack of forewarning. So that’s a fine ending to that story, and a fine reason for the game’s growing player count.

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