EverQuesting: Guide to EverQuest II’s Days of Summer reward event


Did you hear about EverQuest II multi-month Days of Summer reward event? If so, lucky you! Here is an event that was launched with so little fanfare that even though I am playing every week. it completely slipped out of my mind — even after I learned about it the first week! It’s also an event that rewards players with some pretty snazzy rewards if they complete each of the weekly quests, so missing out entirely will make you lose out on a familiar, level 100 gear, housing decorations, a prestige house, and more. So many goodies! That may be because this summer event is akin to prelude events before expansions as it is aimed at helping people gear up for the upcoming expansion. Now don’t you wish you knew more about it? Well here you go.

The good news is that even if you hadn’t heard a word about it until now, it’s not too late to start; the event runs from August 2nd, 3:01 a.m. EDT, all the way until October 3rd at 2:59 a.m. EDT. [Edit: On September 28th, the devs announced that the event would now be permanent content!] The even better news is that players need not have completed the quest in the week it was first offered. You just have to complete them in order. I proved this by starting the event during this week’s week five quest. The bad news is that not only do you have to be level 100 to be able to see all of the rewards on the event vendor, you also need to own Kunark Ascending to complete some of the quests. The even worse news is that only those who have paid for membership can access the quests at all.

The well-at-least-that’s-something news is that at least thanks to the ability to do all the previous weeks’ quests, any who aren’t already All-access members but are considering getting it for this event can sub September 1st or later and ensure they only have to pay for one month in order to complete the entire quest line. In that way it’s like paying for a DLC. If you aren’t sure if it will be worth it, check out this guide to get a better idea. If, however, you are totally gung ho for the event, this guide is also for you! After all, you don’t want to miss out on acquiring all the goodies that you want.The goodies

Is it worth paying for the quests? That all depends on the rewards, am I right? For every single week there is a decoration pack. There are four poster beds, shrubs, Qeynos windows, gargoyles, sofas, tables, plushies… the list is long. But the list grows way longer when you include the familiar tonic. the ascended journeyman primer, the mercenary, the house, the runes, the divine potency grants, the adornments, and all the gear. Oh, and let’s not forget the flying lion mount! After seeing the full list in game and thinking about all those screenshots I nearly swooned. Luckily, EQ2traders.com has compiled a nice listing of every item as well as provided a screenshot, so you can peruse them there if you are not in game.

To buy each item, you must be a member and you must have completed its requisite week quest. The good news is that once you do the quest on one level 100, the items are all unlocked for every other level 100. Unfortunately, your non-max characters can’t see most of the the rewards in order to nab them; only merc, familiar, and decorations are available for lower levels. Also, the visible items will be what’s usable for your class only. Some items are only usable if you have the Kunark Ascending expansion. Where do you buy these treasures? From Yun Zi, the giver of the quests.

The quests

To start things off, and for ever week after until the end, you will visit Yun Zi, The Great Traveler. He stands right near the Ulteran Spire Portal (more commonly known as the wizards spire) in The Sundered Frontier. On Tuesday’s especially he is swarmed by players, but if it isn’t as obvious later in the week you can find him at /waypoint 2294, -199, 2504. He’s a rotund panda who is having “summer daydreams about traveling across Norrath and seeing all of the amazing sights!” But alas, he is no adventurer. You can pretty well guess where this quest line is going to take you! Well maybe not specifics, as it’s all in clue form.

Each week’s quest has a number of places to visit in a certain region or expansion. (Hint: Bring a portal-making friend along with you if you can’t do it yourself — it really speeds things up!)The clue of where to travel each time is a small icon in the quest journal. Those with a smaller monitor might find it harder to discern these clues; I had trouble at times when they were greyed out. The locations must be visited in order. If you don’t want specifics and want to figure all the clues out yourself, stop reading now: big time spoilers ahead! If, however, do you want specifics (maybe because you are running out of time!), here you are. Each location is where I got the update, which was often the discovery point, so other places nearby may also trigger updates. (Another hint: If you are unsure where to go next, there is a quest feather on your map if next step is in another zone.) Note: Future weeks will be added as they come — and I discover them!

Week 1 – An Oasis for Your Thoughts

Sinking Sands: -821.34, -128.30, -455.41
Pillars of Flame: 34.14, -86.43, -68
Clefts of Rujark: 118.05 -3.84 -58.48 (zone inside)
Maj’Dul: -166.86, 176.82, -107.84
The Living Tombs: -634.14, 4.13, 341.15 (zone inside)
Silent City: 143.19, 30.46, 207.17 (zone inside; reach via tunnel in Bay of Anuk or use carpet transport)

Week 2 – Kingdom Far Away

Barren Sky, Whisperwind Isle: -577.17, -52.96, -438.93
Barren Sky, Isle of the Awakening: 46.47, 171.35, 306.98
Tenebrous Tangle, Hidden Refuge: 193.44, -236.78, 172.42 (jump down waterfall from Temple Grounds)
Tenebrous Tangle, Breeding Grounds: 518.53, -151.25, 243.67
The Bonemire, Dreadnever Crash Site: -64.69, 43.83, 490.46
The Bonemire, Halls of Fate: -2.65, -374.42, -27.82

Week 3 – Echoes of the Past

Butcherblock Mountains: 709.19, 24.00, 573.50
Steamfont Mountians: -588.37, 202.83, 1023.16
Loping Plains: -441.58, 9.61, -9.94
Lesser Faydark: 647.87, 27.29, -80.85
Greater Faydark: 270.90, 106.43, 137.05
New Tunaria: -291.33, 53.02, -863.20 (zone in from Greater Faydark -1058.09, 90.14, 659.84)

Week 4 – Kunark or Bust

Kylong Plains: 938.33, 10.04, 148.81
Kylong Plains: 1713.85, 452.65, -891.43
Fens of Nathsar: -179.04, -36.20, 1112.70
Kunzar Jungle: 610.85, 36.45, -95.01
Jarsath Wastes: -1062.98, -92.99, -647.70
Jarsath Wastes: 73.48, -73.51, -397.94

Week 5 – I Need to See Moors Places

Moors of Ykesha
Dropship Landing Zone: 1749.07, 452.56, 803.83
Firmroot Moot: 149.23, -85.75, -416.72
City of Grobb: -236.53, -80.64, -904.98
Tupta: -76.37, -53.40, 640.46
Shadowed Cleft -1270.97, -991.89, -26.27
Brokenskull Rock: -1746.81, -1078.78, 2493.06

Week 6 – Ice to See Velious

Great Divide: -1386.90, -507.57, -2250.40
Great Divide: 756.80, -179.00, 43.69
Eastern Wastes: -982.18, -339.78, 2281.11
Withered Lands: -3689.26, -779.11, -211.83
Skyshrine: 1.27, -0.41, -24.72
Cobalt Scar: 3633.97, -1016.39, 1691.31

Week 7 – An Eternity Without You

Eidolon Jungle: 80.02, -34.87, -169.13
Eidolon Jungle: 32.28, 11.85, 664.78
Eidolon Jungle: -1383.50, 301.47, 808.52
Obol Plains: -726.99, -4.39, 34.88
Obol Plains: -491.87, 9.70, 30.99
Obol Plains: 434.23, 34.92, 547.57

Week 8 – Tears for Fears

Vesspyr Isles
Fallinpol: -33.15, 222.49, 9.51
Aeterna Gardens: -468.55, 334.28, 190.49
Karak Peak: -486.18, 146.39, -319.44
Droumlands 253.22, 368.73, -711.00
Blightscale: 666.68, 372.04, 32.15
Seize on the Breeze: 150.22, 140.68, 776.79

Week 9 – An Altar-Nate Malice

Tranquil Sea, Isle of Refuge: 913.38, 6.72, 1411.31
Tranquil Sea, Death Weave Isle: 1034.14, 6.81, -447.44
Tranquil Sea, South Dshinn: -272.94, 122.08, -112.28
Phantom Sea, North Dshinn: -841.55, 42.04, 1437.70
Phantom Sea, Wanderer’s Dock 1270.13, 23.91, 1190.44
Phantom Sea, Grim Shales: -771.11, 71.80, -756.21

The EverQuest franchise is a vast realm, and sometimes MJ Guthrie gets lost in it all! Join her as she explores all the nooks and crannies from Antonica to Zek. Running biweekly on Thursdays, EverQuesting is your resource for all things EverQuest, EverQuest II, and Daybreak. And keep an eye out for MJ’s OPTV adventures!
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