Citadel: Forged With Fire is hit with marble madness


It might be tempting to become so wrapped up in the endless possibilities and power of Citadel: Forged With Fire’s magic that you might end up forgetting that there’s a building component of the game. Let’s hope not, because now you can build a castle — and not just any castle, but one constructed of pristine marble.

This week’s patch for the early access sandbox added the marble castle set: “This new set offers the complete range of building pieces including walls, floors, roofs, windows, doors, stairs and much more! Not only that, but you can mix and match the pieces with the other existing sets to create appealing combinations.”

There were several other quality-of-life tweaks and bug fixes as well, such as helping players not to drown when they’re completely out of the water. That had to be disconcerting. Players can also lock up their storage chests and not fear that others might come along to pilfer them.

Source: Steam
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