2006 Korean anime MMO NosTale has landed on Steam


Last month, we mentioned in passing an ancient anime MMO by Korean studio Entwell called NosTale, which Germany’s Gameforge apparently resurrected a while back. As of today, NosTale is even more easily accessible on this side of the Atlantic, as the studio’s now launched it on Steam proper. Gameforge is touting the game’s three classes, 28 specs, “extensive” pet system, and six-act storyline.

“The world of exciting anime online role-playing game NosTale is threatened by a dark menace. As Swordsman, Archer or Mage, the player must protect the vibrant village of NosVille and face the approaching dangers. The impressive pet system allows players to capture wild monsters and animals and then tame them. Battling aside, you can retreat to your Miniland. Here you can build a warehouse and decorate the garden with trees, plants and shrubs.”

It’s free-to-play on Steam right now, with 20% off sales on companions, mounts, and costumes, plus double-drop and double-gold events running into next week for those who jump in now.

Source: Steam

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Jack Kerras

I seem to recall having had fun with Nostale, like… back when I had a monitor that was a giant 1280×1024 box that hummed like a jet engine and constantly shat hot air all over the place.

I couldn’t get anyone to join me, but the instances were fun, the pet system worked and wasn’t egregiously shitty re: ‘buy more stuff! buy more stuff!’, and by and large I just had a good time doing dungeons with folks. I don’t think I made it to max, and I’m sure it’s nothing incredibly special, but hey… eleven solid years of runtime on an MMO? Ain’t bad.

If only Auto Assault or Tabula Rasa had run as long. ‘Opportunity cost’. Fuuuuck me.


Tabula Rasa…. sadly that is an experience I know.


Ok. I know nothing about NosTale. Is it historically important? My apologies to all learned MMO sages out there who know about such things, but is there a reason to play this game?


you illiterate fool you know nothing of the golden era of mmos cause it was before you were born
i remeber it like it was yesterday when napoleon’s soldiers would discuss builds for lineage 1 and mu online


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Jack Pipsam

Good for them.