Mobile MMO Roundup: Flyff Legacy, Ragnarok Journey, MU Legend, Project B, and Archlord Awake


Whether it makes you want to seek shelter or embrace the winds of change, the era of mobile MMOs and spin-offs is upon us. Let’s check in with what’s going on with three of them today!

Flyff Legacy, a successor to the cute online RPG, launched on September 26th for iOS and Android. In this flying-empowered MMO, players can take on the role of a Mercenary, Acrobat, or Magician and learn how to zoom around on a broom, conquer dungeons, collect pets, fight other players, and enjoy the “whimsical style” that is a hallmark of the series.

Another recent launch was Ragnarok Journey, the latest in the long-running Ragnarok Online series. The gameplay should be familiar to Ragnarok veterans, although the studio said that this version has upgraded graphics and offers a “fresh experience.” Players who jump into the launch period will be given a gift pack with a few helpful goodies to send them on their way.

Meanwhile, Webzen announced that MU Legend’s recent stress test was a great boon to shaping up the mobile title prior to launch. The studio also rolled out a limited-time grouping of founder’s packs for sale. The open beta for the game is scheduled for November 7th. You can check out what those packs have to offer below!

MMO Culture reports that Nexon will be publishing 2-D Japanese fighting game Project B, most likely Battle Storm. It’s chiefly a single-player story mode RPG, but it does have a number of online multiplayer modes, including FFA, 3v3 arena, and “tag match.”

And finally, remember Archlord? It’s also getting a mobile spinoff, at least in Korea; it’s called Archlord Awake. Webzen will produce this PvP-oriented mobile MMO in conjunction with the same studio that built MU Origin.

Source: Ragnarok JourneyMU Legend, MMO Culture, press releases

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FlyFF Legacy on Android has some pretty strict requirements. I have a fairly powerful Tablet with the newest Android OS and I can’t get FlyFF Legacy because it says my device isn’t compatible. As a matter of fact it only lists 1,000 downloads, for a new MMO that’s incredibly low and being that I’m getting that restriction listed for me, I’m pretty sure a lot of other people are too and that’s why it’s not being played more yet.

The funny thing is after seeing that before and side loading games, I’ve never not been able to run one that says my device isn’t compatible (meaning it’s been compatible each and every time). I let the game companies know this, a few listened and fixed it (normally the small indie Devs), the bigger companies usually just ignore me.

Tom R

Oh look, more mobile mmos…annnnd ragnarok one has autoplay and these other two probably do too…

What’s the point?

Kickstarter Donor

I was ready to give FlyFF Legacy an honest try, but I’m miffed that the classes are gender locked. “Ah, yes, the two genders – melee and ranged.”

Dug From The Earth

Screen space is already minimal on mobile devices… I know! lets give players giant, glowing wings to help take up even more of the visible real estate!

Also… Ragnarok Journey doesnt look to be a mobile mmo. It looks like its only playable on facebook. Maybe its not available yet?