The Thargoids are adapting to player tactics in Elite: Dangerous

Oh, look, it's gotten worse.

First, the player debate in Elite: Dangerous was whether or not players would have to fight the Thargoids. Then, it was over how to fight the Thargoids. Then it was over whether or not they should fight the Thargoids. Now… well, now it’s actually going back to that second point, because the Thargoids are quickly adapting to the tactics used to take them down.

Among the charges are making the anti-Thargoid missiles less effective (due to their increased resistance), making drones more accurate, and changing the ship behavior to dodge incoming missiles rather than simply follow ships engaged in strategic withdrawal. They’re also locking on to ships that have deployed countermeasures now.

You can check out a video on the changes just below, which also discusses some of the potential research vectors for players to continue fighting back against the aliens. Suffice it to say that if you thought players had effectively neutralized the threat at this point… well, not so much.

Source: YouTube, Official Site via Kotaku
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