Black Desert devs responds to datamining dust-up with stat transparency and apologies

Don't camp here.
Remember a week ago when Black Desert dataminers dug up dirt on the game’s so-called hidden stats, only to be booted off the subreddit by mods doing Pearl Abyss’ bidding? Remember how the dataminers just put it all up on a different sub beyond the reach of PA, practically daring PA to follow through on the legal action it threatened dataminers with earlier this year?

Consider the situation effectively defused. Kakao has apologized for creating “confusion among [its] beloved players by failing to deliver accurate information,” promising clarity on those stats. Indeed, clarity is arriving in the form of a producer letter from Pearl Abyss (which also apologizes profusely).

Executive Producer Jae-hee Kim says PA now plans to add accuracy, evasion, and damage reduction numbers to tooltips, noting that while hidden stats seemed like a fun idea originally, there is now too much of a “gap” between people in the know and everyone else. The studio also aims to tweak “ambiguity” on elixirs, boost drop rates party to the node level system, and provide transparency on future stats.

What the companies won’t do is display damage numbers.

“If the damage numbers would be shown, we were afraid the focus of the game would be on the statistics shown on the screen instead of the core aspect of combat and action. We believe numbers do not mean everything in the game and chose this method to minimize the by-effects that could arise from excessive ‘min-maxing’. We do hope our players consider higher stats to not be the driving goal of playing Black Desert Online. We truly hope each and every player will create and grow their own, unique character to find joy in battles along with everything else, and for that reason we do not plan on revealing damage numbers in Black Desert Online.”

Kim also notes that some of the information in the datamined report is inaccurate because it hasn’t been in-use in the game since prior to closed beta.

So yep, that’s that. You can go back to your regularly scheduled Kamasylvia now.

Source: Official site. With thanks to Arktouros!
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