Black Desert devs responds to datamining dust-up with stat transparency and apologies

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Remember a week ago when Black Desert dataminers dug up dirt on the game’s so-called hidden stats, only to be booted off the subreddit by mods doing Pearl Abyss’ bidding? Remember how the dataminers just put it all up on a different sub beyond the reach of PA, practically daring PA to follow through on the legal action it threatened dataminers with earlier this year?

Consider the situation effectively defused. Kakao has apologized for creating “confusion among [its] beloved players by failing to deliver accurate information,” promising clarity on those stats. Indeed, clarity is arriving in the form of a producer letter from Pearl Abyss (which also apologizes profusely).

Executive Producer Jae-hee Kim says PA now plans to add accuracy, evasion, and damage reduction numbers to tooltips, noting that while hidden stats seemed like a fun idea originally, there is now too much of a “gap” between people in the know and everyone else. The studio also aims to tweak “ambiguity” on elixirs, boost drop rates party to the node level system, and provide transparency on future stats.

What the companies won’t do is display damage numbers.

“If the damage numbers would be shown, we were afraid the focus of the game would be on the statistics shown on the screen instead of the core aspect of combat and action. We believe numbers do not mean everything in the game and chose this method to minimize the by-effects that could arise from excessive ‘min-maxing’. We do hope our players consider higher stats to not be the driving goal of playing Black Desert Online. We truly hope each and every player will create and grow their own, unique character to find joy in battles along with everything else, and for that reason we do not plan on revealing damage numbers in Black Desert Online.”

Kim also notes that some of the information in the datamined report is inaccurate because it hasn’t been in-use in the game since prior to closed beta.

So yep, that’s that. You can go back to your regularly scheduled Kamasylvia now.

Source: Official site. With thanks to Arktouros!
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If you want the information, it should be there. If you don’t want it, don’t bother using it. Not sure why we’ve got this attitude that the way one person plays the game is better or worse than anyone else’s.

Some people play games -just- to be competitive and strive to build the best character possible. To farm for that 1% increase to know they completed their goal and have confirmation within the game that they did it.

All of this stuff can be added into the game with ZERO effect on anyone who doesn’t want it. Why can’t self control be the method of dealing with this instead of ambiguity and the obscuring of mechanics?

And don’t give me the, “Now guilds/groups will require these stats be a certain benchmark!” garbage reasoning against it. There will always be a metric players utilize to exclude others they think aren’t prepared enough for the content they wish to tackle. If the stats are in game, that’s what they’ll use. If they aren’t, they’ll look for certain gear, or time played, or literally anything they think helps meet the criteria for whatever goal(s) they’re chasing.

People looking to exclude others will always find ways to do it. Solo players just trying to make good decisions about gear and builds, players that might not have hours of time to test stuff or dive into guides, should have the info in the game they’re playing should they want it.

Providing it hurts nothing except people that can’t control themselves and/or need something to white about. If you don’t want to use that information, nobody is making you, and crying about it being there because you can’t control yourself and not use it is absolute garbage.

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This is what, the third time they’ve said this? I’ll believe it when I see it.


It is very unfortunate this info got out. One of BDO’s best qualities is that it takes time and effort to figure out what works best and knowledge was based on theory. This guy who mined this data took one of the things that made BDO different than almost every other MMO right now. These days almost every game that comes out has a complete inventory of every aspect of the game within days. BDO has been around for years and people were still debating what the best items are, and the controversy around all the unknowns was a good thing.

Instant information, easy answers and total knowledge at a push of a button is convenient, but game are not suppose to just give you everything. It’s a game and such easy choices undermine the entire purpose of the game. One of the great things about early generation MMO’s were that you actually had a chance to explore an enormous amounts of unknowns before the information got out and was readily available. The search for knowledge and answers was a major part of the game. This gameplay aspect is almost non existent these days.

I suppose this was inevitable though, and the information was already something fairly obvious to anyone who played this game enough and took the time to do a bit of trial and error. Still keeping things hidden was one of the many superior design decisions they made with BDO. Players may not see that or believe it, but I think it is true. Knowledge and experience is a very valuable edge to have in BDO and the pursuit of expertise is(was) one of the core challenges all player must face.

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This might actually get me to go back to the game.


guilds are going to require the equivalent of a university entrance exam when all is said and done.


This is step one, and it’s good that they’re moving fast on this. Bloo had to take one for the team with that datamine, but hopefully it ends this era of hidden stats.

But more importantly now we need to get BDO back to a more stable service. The servers are just in an unacceptable state and they need to fix them yesterday. The new content is pretty much unplayable for a large chunk of the game due to risking disconnects and deaths.


Meh. I thought this was all much to do about nothing. There are always mechanics and stats under the covers. I don’t think we have to know the “maths” behind it all as long as the game is fair.

And since when is datamining a right? Lol. It’s not. Hey, no skin off my back if people choose to do it or pay attention to it. But as we know, savy devs are notorious for misdirecting datamining to keep things undercover. And somethings, are never implemented in the game regardless.

So, I’m glad Pearl and Kakao apologized and made a public statement. But, I didn’t think this was “a gamers of the world unite!” situation. And I don’t like legitimizing datamining as a common credible source.

Colin Goodwin

I hope the miners keep digging tbh.
Today’s KR patch already has the first part of the stat reveals.
That was pretty darn fast after they got exposed and had to start damage control lol.