Dauntless tosses in a war pike and improves combat


If you are going to make a living out of taking down oversized beasties, you are going to need some serious tools to do the job. While Dauntless isn’t lacking in its closed beta arsenal, it does see room for improvement. Ergo, enter the war pike.

The war pike is Dauntless’ fifth weapon, giving players a super-charged spear that is deadly both in melee and at range. According to the devs, it “is a precise weapon that rewards a surgical approach and tactical mastery” with all sorts of combos and finishing moves. As it is used, the weapon fills up a power meter that powers a hand cannon that’s built in there somewhere.

With the newest update, the team focused on improving the combat experience with damage types, weapon enhancements, and the feel and sound of fights.

Get a closer look at the war pike in action after the break!

Source: Dauntless

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So we get a “spear”? Now you have my attention! Always been dissapointed in MH for only have lances. Why is it that almost no games gives us a spear to use :(


I always feel like the ‘spear’ category of weapons usually gets the short end of the stick. (pun intended). I wish they were more on par with sword and axe weapons in games. Love the maul too.

Jack Kerras

I’d say Demons’ Souls or Dark Souls are a big exception to that, but yeah, spears are usually either kinda worthless or just not that much different from anything else.


As opposed to all those non-war pikes laying around…