Elder Scrolls Legends joins the fun in Clockwork City


Just like any younger brother who is taken with an older sibling, Elder Scrolls Legends is copying Elder Scrolls Online in an adorable attempt to follow in the MMO’s footsteps.

The card game rolled out its Return to Clockwork City expansion this week, joining ESO in the mysterious town and all of its crazy gearworks. This card set takes place hundreds of years after the MMO, however, as players will go on a journey to explore the city and plunder its treasures.

Return to Clockwork City includes over 50 new cards and 35 additional story missions spread over three acts. Players will have to master the “assemble” and “treasure hunt” mechanics while fielding new fabricant creatures on the battleground. Players can buy the expansion for real money or with in-game gold.


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I just wish we could get news of a new single player elder scrolls title soon :(

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I’ve been playing a ton of this and it’s a good expansion. The cards are really creative over all. Forgot to list this in WRUP, but it’s fun and all the cards are earnable. No buying the expansion just to have access to earning the cards in an RNG fashion. You play the story and earn every single card.

I wish there were more card games that did this. There are vanilla cards I still haven’t earned after months of playing because the RNG is so bad. That’s the one flaw with card games. I just want to make the decks I want to make and locking them behind RNG isn’t going to make me want to spend money on your game. It just makes me want to find something else to play so this departure in the expansion is a breath of fresh air for me personally.