Funcom is raising the price of Conan Exiles on console to $49.99


Funcom has just announced to Conan Exiles players anxiously awaiting the game on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 that they’ll be paying more than they originally thought: $49.99, up from $34.99.

“The version we release at launch will have even more content and gameplay in it than what you see today, and will have a landmass more than twice as big as what we started out with on PC Early Access launch. In fact, we’re adding an entirely new biome, a completely remade combat system, and new gameplay mechanics,” says the studio. “Because we are now doing pre-orders in retail, we have to increase the price already as soon as pre-orders start. It’s not something we want to do, we would of course prefer to have kept the Game Preview pricing the same until launch, but there is a very good reason why we have to bite the bullet.”

And of course, Funcom can hardly expect brick-and-mortar stores to stock the game’s box version if players could just get the digital copy cheaper. That said, the studio is promising that there won’t be a price hike on Steam (contrary to what ARK: Survival Evolved did for “parity” when launching earlier this year); it’ll also do its best to run a 50% discount sale this weekend, when you can get the Xbox version for $17.50 and pick up the preorder armor to boot.

“In the end we believe this will be in the best interest of the game and its future life, as it lets us reach out to a bigger audience and give Conan Exiles even more exposure through presence in stores around the world, all of which ultimately allows us to continue adding more expansions, more features, and more content after launch.”

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