Saga of Lucimia lays the foundation for a holiday alpha test

Saga of Lucimia lays the foundation for a holiday alpha test

Forget cookies with Santa and New Year countdowns: Saga of Lucimia hopes that you’ll be too immersed in its next alpha test to care about real-life trivialities.

The team revealed that it will be running a ninth early access alpha test from December 22nd through January 5th, which is substantially longer than previous weekend tests. “There are a slew of new mechanics and features in place,” the team said, “and we will be doing a blog post closer to the date to let people know exactly what to expect while still leaving room for plenty of Easter eggs for our community to discover!”

Saga of Lucimia has been making a lot of news lately with its announcement of independent funding and the defense of a lack of in-game minimap or looking for dungeon tool. We’ve gotten in on the discussion here too, with both a soapbox and today’s podcast tackling the issues of immersion, inconvenience, and UI standards.

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I’d probably buy in if there was any significant solo content. Sure I like grouping, but as a busy father, husband, homeowner, son, and employee, my game time is limited. And nothing’s worse than wasting precious time spamming “LFG!” in chat, just to finally get a group then find you don’t have three hours to troll a dungeon.


This is not the type of game Saga Of Lucimia is. Its not your regular MMORPG. Its more in the line of a classic tabletop D&D game, but transferred in a virtual world rather than on a table. But in the same way, you do not PUG, your D&D session, you may want to organise yourself to have your adventure with a group of friends or strangers-soon-to-be-friends. The game will give tools, to help socialise of course, though no match makers, as that’s not really community driven. The game is not aimed for “no lifers”, but rather, poeple like youm with family, job and spouse. All the devs working on the game have spouses, family and day-job, so they perfectly know the conditions. If you have more questions, feel free to contact me :)


One thing I find intriguing about this project is that they are just a bunch of MMO gamers that one day set out to create their own MMO. iirc they said at some point that the project was started by several players who met on Project 1999 (or the EQ live servers, don’t remember). At that time, no one on the team had any prior professional game dev experience. Still they’ve been consistently working on it for years now and managed to give the project a certain level of professionalism.

Even if I had no interest in the game itself I’d like to see such a passion project succeed.

Tim Anderson

Thanks, mate!

Indeed; the first team members met up in Project 1999.

At the start, none of us had any previous game development expertise. Since then, through sheer dedication, we’ve built up our own little niche within the MMORPG space, while working part time hours.

Along the way, some of us have been able to springboard into the development industry outside of our own project. Our lead programmer was hired by Portalarium around a year and a half ago to work on Shroud of the Avatar, and they have been SUPER supportive of our game. Our artists have done some freelance work on other projects. I’ve done a bit of work here and there on some writing + marketing campaigns for various projects.

We’ve got the Volume I novel coming out next year. The tabletop game in the works (we just published part 17 in our “how we built our tabletop boards” which were used at our annual meeting/D&D session), AND the MMORPG.

All of which we’ve been working on in our spare time for just about four years now (March will be our 4th year anniversary).

I’m uber-proud of the team and what they’ve accomplished, especially given how much shade has been cast on our project from day one from people who told us it was “impossible”, that we would never pull it off, and etc. These people have poured their heart and soul into this project, and a shitload of hours outside of their spouses and children, and it’s been a labor of love to get to this point.

Making it to the top 10 at the Intel Indie Game Dev Showcase at Austin in September was an especially proud moment, to see the team being given the chance to showcase their work in the public eye…it was an honor to be up there on stage.

And we’ve done all of that, gotten to this point, without a single dime of marketing spend, and the support of our early access community. It’s an amazing place to be, finding yourself capable of pursuing your dream, and finding so many people who are willing to come along for the ride.

Chosenxeno .

Those same guys will probably make up the entirety of the playerbase. 2001 is gone and it’s not coming back…