Check out World of Warcraft’s allied races jokes and flirts, plus guilds topple Antorus bosses


Back in the day, the only way we’d learn about the many jokes and flirt lines for races in World of Warcraft was by actually playing those races… and then spamming /silly and /flirt until we were pretty sure we’d heard all of them. Luckily, the first four allied races have already had their lines mined out by the intrepid crew over at Wowhead, so you can enjoy all eight sets of jokes and flirtations right now.

Some of the flirts, to the surprise of absolutely no one, are a bit on the racy side. Of course, depending on your personal fascinations, the female void elf promise to turn into an eyeball or sprout tentacles might also be on the racy side. And yes, the Nightborne reference illusions and what you are or are not hiding.

Meanwhile, the new Antorus raid, the fifth for Legion, is proving to be a bit of a pushover, as global guilds are toppling its raid bosses left and right.

Check the datamining below; we promise, no spoilers.

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Geoffrey Tillman

I’ll admit I laughed at a few of the High Mountain jokes

Bryan Correll

“There’s no area denial in this raid.”


neil shelton

Prepare for the day when Race jokes in game are taken too seriously because someone really does identify as a blue elf.


…as there is the probability someone being born as an actual blue elf. o.O


Most of the concepts behind the “races” is pretty shallow but the voice acting and overall directing are pretty good, didn’t expect it to be anything more than functional.

Void elf females especially are spot on, glam-goth with an adorable posh brit accent…they did their homework for once!