Amazon stops selling digital cards for Star Wars: The Old Republic

Public problems.
You can no longer purchase digital time cards or Cartel Coins for Star Wars: The Old Republic through Amazon. This is clearly a sign that you can… er… no longer purchase those digital options through Amazon. They remain for sale from the official site, you can still buy physical copies of the cards off of Amazon, and so forth.

Clearly, this means that the game is in imminent danger and is going to shut down within the hour, if you go by the forum thread on the matter. Or, as people point out on Reddit and elsewhere in that same thread, it just means… you can’t buy that set of digital goods through Amazon any longer.

A number of speculative reasons have been put forth for the change: A new package being offered for a new expansion, a change in how profits are being shared, a desire for people to move through the official store fronts, or just a routine set of business decisions. There’s been no official statement on this change at this time, but there’s not much reason to think the sky is falling just yet.

Source: Official Forums, Reddit; thanks to MikeyMoo for the tip!
Update: It appears Amazon has resumed the sale of these, minus 180-day subs, so you can stop panicking!
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Roger Melly

I wouldn’t be surprised if a new Star Wars mmo is announced in the next 5 years along with a new Marvel one .

Disney has payed a lot of money for these two franchises and I would imagine they will want to explore producing two MMO’s that could have the potential of being far more profitable than Star Wars the Old Republic and recently closed Marvel Heroes Online if done well considering the cinematic popularity of those franchises .

While I don’t expect it to be shut down in the near future I expect SWTOR years are numbered now .


Of course this is not a sign of gams fail, but combine all eu servers into 1, yeap that a reason to worry.. we just have to hope that the few players left to play have a good % of whales…

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It would seem that these things are still available on Amazon for UK customers only.


This is not a real surprise. Amazon stopped selling EA Cash Cards as well which could be used to buy things on Origin (or even pay for things in SWTOR using the “EA Wallet” as a payment source.)


Let’s be realistic, this wasn’t anything to do with Amazon. They’ll sell anything.
EA stopped sale of timecards.

As to why?
No clue. I know it was cheaper (in the EU) to buy 2x 30 day subscriptions than by the 60 day version. I assume that applies to the timecards too. So maybe that’s it.

Or more likely, the number of sales had dropped below a point on the spreadsheet to balance out the creation and administration of them. That’s a much more EA perspective.

As for the ideas like them stopping sale, due to the dangers of shutting the whole game down whilst someone has bought a 60 day card or they’re still physically available… I doubt it. It’s EA… they destroy franchises and then gut the corpses of the successful software houses they bought to do it – so it’s not impossible. But unless someone can point to a similar removal of 3 month and 6 month subscriptions from the online store, I really don’t see it.

Knox Harrington



How about: Amazon not seeing enough return on the practice any longer to make it profitable for them.
(IE – When you have a product that’s not selling, why keep selling it?)

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Amazon sells everything and owns very little of the product.


If you think the death of SWTOR means you’re going to finally get the star wars MMO you’ve been hoping and dreaming of you’re a fool.

SWTOR was the beginning of the end for large scale, big budget, non “crowdfunded” mmos. Seriously, look at how fickle gamers are.

If you were a AAA studio would you spend millions of dollars and years of development just to be drug through the mud because the game doesn’t have xyz or whatever?

There will never be another WoWlike hit for MMOS. What will replace swtor will most likely be some game as a service, lobby coop, watered down, casual, cosmetic store crap that ESO has become and that is a generous prediction.

It gets worse from here.




I would stop short of blaming gamers for the failings of SWTOR though. Bioware completely dropped the ball with it. EA covered the ball in grime, grease and excrement, that practically ensured they’d f**k it up. There’s more than enough blame to go around – but they delivered a low quality product that didn’t meet the expectations of their customers. That’s entirely down to EA/Bioware mismanagement. 1.5+ million customers didn’t walk away within the first 2 years because gamers are fickle.

I don’t see that it’s the end of non-“games as a service” games.
Unless you mean within the next couple of years… in which case I agree with you.

But things change.
Right now, “Games as a Service” is dominant.
Macro-transactions are a thing.
But the backlash is real, and things change.

And then I look at Witcher 3 and realise that it’s possible to deliver a truly traditional AAA product that makes a profit without resorting to despicable methods that undermine your brand. If one company can do it, others can too. But for the immediate future, a company figured out that it’s more profitable to treat your customers like cr*p, and if one company can do it – others can/did too.

I absolutely wouldn’t want SWTOR to be actively replaced within the next 4 years. I just don’t see the industry delivering a quality product that isn’t chocked full of anti-consumer bu****it within the immediate future. You only need to look at Mass Effect and Battlefront to see if the current market is capable of self correcting in the near future. It isn’t. But later? We can but hope.


You’re certainly right. I’m not blaming gamers, I’m merely pointing out the hypothetical pov of electronic entertainment corporations when discussing the breadth of their next project.

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Bannex, SWG was mediocre in revenue terms, so I can’t see how a glorious return would do any better…

They went WoWclone, because there was no money in the first game.

I concur.

Roger Melly

If it had been a good vanilla WoW clone at the start with decent space combat ( I know this has since been addressed ) I would have really enjoyed the game . For example pvp servers that had world pvp from level an early level onwards .

What we got was more of a mediocre mixture of a Mass Effect clone and some WoW like features it . I have recently been playing the game with a couple of friends and it’s great for the storylines but the questing itself is just as ( if not more ) unchallenging than WoW . Its been ok its filled up a couple of months but its certainly not something I would ever subscribe to .

At least the mobs in WoW are not as static .


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Most likely greater emphasis on selling PC digital goods through the Origin store. It actually bothers me that you can’t purchase sub packages and CC via Origin. They sell special 30 and 60 day packages, that have limited usage, but that is it. From a business perspective, it helps give both SWTOR and Origin subs greater value if there’s deals on SWTOR stuff on the Origin store. In all likelihood they’re just minimizing the amount of money that gets paid out to third parties.

Or SWTOR is going to get canceled. That’s possible too.