Dark and Light outlines painting your house and pets


We pray that none of your childhood pets had to endure the terror of a child with a paintbrush because all it takes is a child haphazardly deciding that the kitty could be green to start a fun adventure that leaves everyone in the house traumatized. On the other hand, in Dark and Light‘s new painting system, that would be perfectly fine because you can paint animals. It seems mostly meant for warpaint and things of that nature, but we suppose there’s nothing explicitly preventing you from turning your kitty bright green.

Of course, the limits of the available dyes might prevent you from doing that. For that matter, you might not have the requisite skill to assemble a paint wand, or you might have used up all of your dye painting your house. Check out the video tutorial just below to see how the whole system works. And if you have children, please make sure they don’t get near the cat with paint.

Source: YouTube
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Hey, I like that feature. I still play on a cpl PVE servers (things i build are safe that way) and have recently found it run a little smoother. Still about 5 minutes of the flying dragon screen to load on a regular HDD, but about a minute on an SSD. Needs work, but a fun survival builder.