Guild Wars 2 outlines its plans for forum chats next year

I'm here to talk with you about patch cadence.
Would you like to have Guild Wars 2 developers arrive at your home unannounced to talk with you about various issues with the game? Probably not. Thankfully, that is not what the development team is planning for next year; instead, they’ll be hosting a series of forum chats running for about two hours, with members of the team stopping in to talk with players, answer forum threads, and generally provide insight about the state of the game.

It’s important to note that all of these discussions will be focused on the game at the time of the chat, rather than being predictive. It’s almost inevitable that certain forward-looking moments will happen, of course, but those are the exception rather than the rule. But if you’re mostly concerned about getting to find out more of what’s going on behind the scenes and why, well, you’ll have your chance next year starting in February.

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Am I the only one who remembers Chris Whiteside doing this before he left or was let go? That dude was the man and the only one who was speaking his mind. He didn’t take any guff and was very candid and even rude to some people who deserved it.

Mike O’Brien says one thing but does another. Not interested.

Bryan Turner

Perhaps some one will be kind enough to let me know when Power Reaper becomes Meta in Endgame PVE?

I’ve migrated to ESO until such time, it’s only been a week and it already feels like this might be a permanent move, I get a lot more for $15 a month than I ever was spending $100 plus a month on gems (I’m sure ANET will be just fine with out me though, that new marketing push on Facebook must have surely pulled in enough new players to hell cover my hole in the budget, perhaps my essay comparing ESO to GW2 helped say some of them.)

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Normally, I’d be happy to see devs doing more to communicate with players, but… 1. It’s to be on the official forums, which are stictly moderated, shall we say. I sincerely wonder about players ability to speak freely.

2. Bi-weekly? That’s seriously ambitious and probably unsustainable. Do they really have enough state-of-the-game to talk about for two hours every two weeks without any “predictive” talk?

3. The new official forums are horribly designed. Red text and vast snow fields of blindingly bright white light were not good choices. Personally, I cannot read them anymore, so I’ll be looking to reddit for the breakdowns.

peor togs

So needed

Heliton B. Amorim

I don’t play GW2, don’t even like the game, but loved the little joke the writer put in the first lines, nice one sir, nicely done xD