World of Tanks 1.0 getting massive engine overhaul in 2018, World of Warships goes mobile

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Wargaming has has quite the new year planned for fans. World of Tanks is getting an overhaul, switching to an in-house created advanced CORE graphics engine in March 2018. Dubbed World of Tanks 1.0, the game will look and sound quite different. Besides the massive visual facelift sprucing up water, flora, terrain, lighting, and more (which devs state will have no adverse effect on the game’s performance), sounds have been improved. More than 25 of the maps will be redesigned with their own musical themes that will change dynamically, all brought to you by over 40 musicians from all around the world. Mile Jerebek, World of Tanks Development Director, said:

“Update 1.0 is a true game-change. Though the spirit of the game remains the same, the introduction of the new graphics engine leads to a far greater boost in image fidelity than a simple resolution increase. It’s a staggering difference from the game as you know it, and we can’t wait for players to get hands-on with it.”

Want a peek at how this update will actually look and sound, as well as see how it will run on your own rig? Wargaming offers players World of Tanks enCore 2018 to download. You can also see some before and after screens and watch the trailer below.

World of Warships gets things started early with the mobile launch of World of Warships Blitz on January 18 for both iOS and Android. The mobile game, developed in partnership with KingNet, allows players to use their​ ​ID, which​ ​means they can ​switch​ ​between​ ​platforms​ ​and​ ​devices​ ​while​ ​retaining​ ​all in-game​ ​progress.​ Yes, iOS and Android players will be able to​ ​play​ ​together​.

In World of Warships Blitz, players will choose between 90 legendary warships (from Japan, ​USA, Germany​ ​and​ the ​USSR), and four classes (​agile​ ​destroyers, well-rounded​ ​cruisers, ​powerful​ ​heavy​ ​battleships​ ​and​ ​long-range​ ​tactical​ ​aircraft carriers). Besides quick 7v7​ ​battles,​​ there will also be single player missions.

Both iOS and Android players who pre-register will receive the Aurora Premium ship when the game has officially launched!

Source: Wargaming press releases

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Great news! I always enjoyed WoT, and their HD models were top notch. I’m excited to see their new engine in action.

Melissa McDonald

Awesome! It already looked fantastic. Can’t wait to see the new engine.