Dark and Light patches in the new mobile fortress for all your supervillain lair needs

Finally, you can terrorize in peace.

Good news, friends! Are you tired of dealing with all of the hassles of a fortress down on land, like the constant sieges and not being a moving target floating high above the world? Now you won’t have to, as the latest Dark and Light patch introduces the mobile fortress that allows you to hover in the sky and rain doom upon the people below. Or at least hover in the sky. You have to fit all of the doom cannons yourself, so that’s a slower project.

Of course, as you’re slowly outfitting your mobile fortress, you can entertain yourself with balance adjustments to Blackice Peaks and the Scalding Abyss. That includes both adjustments to creature health and some of the crafting items you can get within the regions, both of which should open the experiences up to more players. Check out the full patch notes for all of the minor fixes added along the way, and get ready to float above the land in your supervillain fortress only to be very perturbed by all the other floating supervillain fortresses in your way.

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Adrian Kawgan

Great game so far – apart from the company being kind of unprofessional [they will learn] and despite the bugs [alpha is alpha] the game was worth every penny. ARK with dragons, wizards and dwarves? Fantasy roleplaying perfection!

If anyone is looking for a chill, vanilla server to join and get to know the game, seach for my server: [PL/EU] Herskera

Jeff Lewis

I was really debating picking up Dark and Light during the Steam sale but couldn’t decide between Dark and Light or Citadel. Both have mixed reviews on Steam but I was really wanting to try something new as I had grown bored of my current games. In the end I let the sale pass but every time a new article comes out about the games it always gets me interested. On a side note, I swear Massively used to let me post on a username as opposed to my real name. Maybe it’s been that long since I posted comments…

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Togashi Kokujin

I was pretty tempted during the Steam winter sale, too, but I ended up giving it back and going for a refund. Reasons were:

1. Game is very hardware hungry and looks pretty mediocre at low level of detail. I run Conan Exiles on medium to high settings, but this game would only go up to low level.
2. The tutorials were … lousily programmed. Sure, basic info was given, but you had to hurry up to read it because the screens changed so fast. Gave a rather unprofessional first impression.
3. Being killed by monsters about 20 levels higher than you immediately, while still doing tutorials, furthered the unfavourable impression …
4. The overall quality of the animations and the options in the character builder were pretty offputting. I never had such problems creating a dwarf-looking dwarf or elf-looking elf before; and pressing “random” led to horribly mutated guys, yech.

I may, however, check it out at a later date if it ever gets the polish it deserves. The ideas in the game (taming dragons, building, the fantasy setting) appeal to me. So maybe it will become more in the future.

2Ton Gamer

The animation quality is a legit concern and one that I share. The whole tutorial thing is a bit of a misnomer. If you just can that tutorial/beginner mentality and just play it like any other survival game you’re better off. That said, I stopped playing it about 2 months after release because their communication was lousy. I hear it’s getting better though.


They said in this update they were trying to deal with mob spawns around the capital, the tutorial is pointless and I’m with you on animations too. I do have an elf that looks like a goblin though, which I thought was pretty bad ass.


I had to refund Citadel, the community seemed way more dead and I didn’t like the third-person action RPG feel of it all. Dark & Light works well in first person. Play it next time it is on sale and refund if you don’t like it. Lots of flaws, but lots of fun.