Dual Universe thinks through territory control, starts testing blueprints


With January over and done, Dual Universe is ready to blast through a series of pre-alpha tests every weekend in February. The team had a lot to report in its monthly newsletter, including the welcome news that testers can now save constructs via an early version of the blueprints feature.

Another subject that received some in-depth analysis is how the team is planning to handle tricky issues involved with the game’s territory control. The current plan is for Dual Universe to feature both secure (PvP-free) areas and the remainder of the game’s territory (PvP enabled).

“We shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that Dual Universe must remain a game where different types of players can have fun in their own way, and doing so shouldn’t add stress/frustration to the game experience,” the devs said. “We also know that without a few safe places, economy and industry can’t thrive properly.”

The team is planning to host an Ask Me Anything event on Saturday, February 3rd.


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Melissa McDonald

please, dear God, don’t make PvP non-consensual.

John Mclain

They just clearly said there will be zones with zero-pvp. The rest of the game will be full-non-consensual-pvp. It’s all the rage these days.

Personally I’m fine with that, my concerns is how the hell they intend to keep everyone from flying giant module/shield/armor blocks that look like a 5 year old tried to make a dick in space. (And have it ironically be the best pvp ship in the game since this shit is never balanced for well made nice-looking ships.)


Looking good. I like the clear progress these guys are making.