The Black Death shows off graphical improvements and an upcoming wiki revival

I'm getting misty over here.

Despite its subject matter and, well, name, The Black Death is not a particularly unattractive game. That doesn’t mean it can’t use a bit of a graphical update, though, and the latest development dispatch is all about the game’s upcoming improvements to offer better lighting and fog effects alongside more efficient contrast and color balance. Just because there are people dying of a plague doesn’t mean the world can’t be pretty, after all.

The developers are also planning to start up a wiki revival project so that players can both update and use the official wiki to more effectively share information among the playerbase. And of course, there are ongoing minor patches to fix bugs, keep things lively, and otherwise push the game forward. Read the full rundown on upcoming features to get a sense of where the game is going from here.


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Ashfyn Ninegold

No, sorry. A graphic update only emphasizes how dark and depressing the atmosphere is. Every single screen capture I’ve seen of this game is either just like the one above or worse. While it may look good in a single shot, playing for hours in such an atmosphere is joyless.

If you want dark and depressing, put it in a dungeon. Don’t make your whole game like that.

There’s a reason WoW is full of bright, sparkling colors, even in its dungeons.

Vigo Martel

There’s a reason Bloodborne is not full of bright, sparkling colors, even outside its dungeons.

Dark, brooding, depressive, and joyless is not a bad thing; visuals should support the style of the game.