Wakfu’s newest patch adds in battlefields for PvP conquest

You gotta keep 'em separated.

Do you think of Wakfu when you think of games with a solid PvP base? Possibly not. But you might change your tune about that with the game’s new Battlefield system that’s just arrived in the game. Players are tasked with fulfilling a number of objectives in the hopes of leading one nation to victory over the others. It also adds a whole system of territory control to ensure that one nation can really reign over the other four, assuming you’re successful enough.

Not fond of the PvP aspect? You can always stay neutral and possibly enjoy the benefits of the game’s spectator mode, or you can head on a tour through the various balance changes and bug fixes that also fill out the update. But the centerpiece of this particular patch is indeed about fighting between nations, so you’re encouraged to grab your weapons and go to town on those filthy heathens from [INSERT OPPOSING NATION NAME HERE].


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i remember this as one of those hokey late aughts/early naughts asian mmo’s that captured many a western mmo gamer girl’s heart.

that’s really my primary exposure to it aside from the vague knowledge that it’s of all things made in france >>