PSA: Tree of Savior is merging its servers on March 13, and you may not keep all your toons

There are wolves out here.

Server merges are descending upon Tree of Savior, at least in North America and South East Asia.

“We would like announce our plans to merge game servers in regions currently operating two servers, i.e. North America and Southeast Asia,” IMC Games announced earlier today. “The merge of servers is expected to take place on March 13, 2018.” Where you’re going is pretty simple: The two western servers will merge into one of the existing pair (Klaipedia), while the new South East Asian servers will merge into Telsiai.

How you’re getting there is less simple. Players with characters and guilds on both servers should pay close attention, as the company has stated that the server on which you’ve got the highest total experience accumulated on all your toons, followed by server on which you have the most guilded toons, will determine which team you keep. The same goes for “excess” characters; if you have too many toons for the slots you’re allowed to have, you could be outta luck.

“Your Lodge in the merged server consists of 4 basic character slots, plus any premium slots you may have purchased (sum of both teams). For example, if you purchased 1 slot in server A and 2 slots in server B, your total in the merged server will be 4 basic slots + 1 premium slot + 2 premium slots = 7 character slots. Excess characters will not be allowed (this depends on your total of character slots available). Please purchase additional slots or delete unwanted characters before the merge. If you still have excess characters in your Lodge, some characters of your secondary team may become unavailable and you will not be able to login to the game after the server merge, so make sure to prepare in advance. If you own more than 26 premium slots (sum of both teams), you will be compensated in TP for the excess slots.”

Since its launch in the west in 2016, the game has gone through several bouts of exploits and banwaves, even leading to a pause in new account registrations while IMC Games got cheaters under control. More recently, the game has been working out the kinks of a combat and leveling revamp and adding a few new classes. A mobile version is still on the way.

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Jack Kerras

Man. Dumping characters due to a merge might be the worst fucking idea I’ve ever heard. Way to go, morons.

Bruno Brito

On par with how ToS been managed.

Matt Redding

Really horrible. When Rift first started doing server merges I had full rosters of alts of different factions on different servers. 3 server merge rounds later, they were all on the same server. Normally you had 4 characters per server in that game but could unlock more slots. I ended up with a full server (8 or 12). Even then the way they worked it was that if you have more than the selection screen allowed, the other characters were just “off the screen” and if you did a (free) server transfer to make up room you’d see the scrolled off characters. To merge from 2 to 1 and discard characters is STUPID.

If they really can only do 1 server the correct thing to do is spin up a 3rd server and have everyone log in and mark their characters of choice for migration.


So wait, players are going to lose characters they’ve worked on because of a merge…? I’ve never played the game, but if that is the case, that is a really unfair punishment for having characters on two different servers. I get that they have a limit on the number of characters you get for free, but players shouldn’t be penalized for the developer’s oversight on what would happen if and when merges occur.

Bruno Brito

ToS was badly managed from the beginning. This is actually expected from them.