Warframe’s Shrine of the Eidolon goes live as DE teases Valentine’s Day and incoming content

With Warframe’s Shrine of the Eidolon update now live on the servers, Tenno have their hands full fighting legendary beasts summoned for battle. There are also plenty of warframe power and weapon rebalancing to sort out, including a change to preserve your adorable pets if you aren’t logging in frequently enough.

There are some sweet giveaways going on right now in the game. If players log into the game by February 16th, they’ll get a free Forma bundle and three-day affinity booster.¬† And for anyone who logs in between today and the 15th, they’ll receive some Valentine’s Day cosmetics (and be able to purchase a dye pack for a single credit).

Finally, players can take a look at what’s coming down the development pipeline by tuning into the most recent studio livestream. Here’s a quick preview: Moa pets and reworked Dark Sector dungeons with leaderboards!

Source: Warframe #1, #2, #3. Thanks Sophiskiai!