Spellsworn launches, goes free-to-play


Watched the new Fantastic Beasts trailer and felt the deep pull of wizards and spells pull at you once more? You may be able to sate some of that desire with the full release of Spellsworn, which is now live on Steam.

The PvP arena brawler puts players in the roles of wizards battling it out with spells and using their environments to their advantage.

Spellsworn moved out of early access with Tuesday’s Update 1.0, which also brought the game into a free-to-play business model. The studio plans to finance the game through a lockbox chest system that pays out in cosmetic items.

To celebrate the launch, Spellsworn is holding a double loot drop event for a limited time.


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Mike Pieniaszek

didnt magika wizard wars try this several years ago and failed horribly. despite doing several dozen promos/giveaways/humblebundle content packs? what makes this game any different?

Oleg Chebeneev

Looks like Battlerite

Bruno Brito

A boring version of it.