The Daily Grind: Are you playing Sea of Thieves?


It’s officially Sea of Thieves day; the game launched here in the US in the wee hours of this morning. During our awards rollout at the end of 2017, I called Sea of Thieves one of my most anticipated multiplayer games for 2018. At the time, I could easily imagine my MMORPG guildies, already fond of playing pirates, rolling into the game to crew a ship on the high seas.

But last year’s hype seems to have faded away over the last few months as a critical mass of gamers checked out the pre-launch version of the game and came away with more questions than answers about the game’s PvE content, its unchecked PvP, and maybe above all else, its downsized character creation system. It never was an MMO, but these revelations made it seem even less an MMO than a lot of folks had been led to believe after the E3 demos, subduing the buzz.

How about you? Are you playing Sea of Thieves? Are you waiting to see how it develops? Or have you given it a hard pass?

Every morning, the Massively Overpowered writers team up with mascot Mo to ask MMORPG players pointed questions about the massively multiplayer online roleplaying genre. Grab a mug of your preferred beverage and take a stab at answering the question posed in today’s Daily Grind!

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Great game! I’m in agreement with those who say it could do with more content but, for now, just sailing around with three friends on voice-chat, searching for treasure, running around after pigs, and shooting at potential enemy ships, is keeping us all entertained. If you’ve got three people to play it with, it’s an absolute blast!


I bought it, played one session skeptically as I’ve followed the title and had a lot of concerns about it.

It was the exact opposite of my fears, it really does this style game play much better than world’s adrift imho (which I was worried it essentially be). Only reason I haven’t played more is lack of time. I will definitely put in some major hours once I can.

Jack Kerras

Yeah, totally.

And I’m having an awesome time with it, too.

The sailing thing is great, and no one I see actually engages with its mechanics whatsoever.

The power level between characters is perfect; it never changes. All you get as you level up is longer, more involved, riskier missions.

The need to resupply, especially for an aggressor, is a huge deal. The value of responding to a threat in the proper way is enormously important, and the crazy juggling match between repair/bailing, gunnery, sailing, and boarding seems pretty beautiful to me.

When you get it a little wrong, it goes wrong very fast, and a lot of your kit goes to Davy Jones.

When you get it right, some poor sod is fighting you on your deck while their sails crash into the ocean not fifty feet away, knowing that they have no way to sink your ship and nothing to do but respawn and try again.

You’re never hopeless or helpless. Everyone’s blown by the same wind, so there’s no overtaking someone in a better, faster ship. There’s no being out of range to fire when the other ship’s cannons are in range.

Folks have been -so aggressive- and it actually uses the Hell out of some substantial map gnosis I’ve built up over the years. I love to orienteer. I love navigation and planning, working the winds. I’ve been waiting -years- for a game like Sea of Thieves to really make a splash, as it were.

It’s been a riot. I don’t even care that it doesn’t have a huge variety of things to do; the other players, having to change plans, joining forces or murdering the shit out of each other… all very interesting.

And, thank God, all my crazy maritime-warfare-nerd bullshit actually COMES IN HANDY. There’re some wrinkles (like ‘handbrake’ turns), but they’re fun, exciting, and easy to do… if you have a crew that are working together.

I dunno, man. I love it so far.

John Mclain

Hell no.

Kickstarter Donor

I am not. I’m just not into the pirate thing.


Nope. “Unbridled” PvP doesn’t interest me and with an avatar that I’m just randomly clicking through, it wouldn’t feel like the character was ever something I created.

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Gonna pass for now. No unbridled PvP for me! But I probably will check out some streams.


No, looks awful to me. ‘Might be fun with friends’ but nearly everything is.

Robert Mann

Hard pass. Although I don’t mind pirates, there’s many things about the title that just aren’t for me.

Diane Bradley

I’d like to play, but from what I’ve read and seen about the game, there seems to be no place for a 100% solo carebear. Currently having fun in Rift Prime.