ArcheAge shows players how the next patch will allow you to tame a dragon

Of all the flying things you can ride in the world of ArcheAge, dragons seem like they might not be the best choice. They’re pretty smart and aren’t crazy about being told what to do, and also they tend to breathe death. But hey, the next patch will allow you to raise one by slaying a Red Dragon and carving out its heart, so why not get an idea of all the fantastic powers that will allow you to wield?

Obviously, your tame dragon will not be quite as strong as the most formidable dragons in the game, because then you would be playing an entirely different game in which your dragon just does things and you cheer him on. But he can unleash his breath weapon, take to the skies, dart quickly from place to place, and carry both you and a friend through the skies. All of those tricks have long cooldowns, but you should be happy the dragon is doing all of these things for you instead of to you. Be thankful for what you get.

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