Trove’s Heroes expansion is basically about the war on bots

When Trove’s superhero-flavored Heroes expansion launches on Tuesday, it’s bringing with it not just a new skyscraper-bedecked neon zone but a plotline for said zone. What better backdrop to grind your new Vanguardian, eh? And as all great stories do, this one starts with a mining guild. Wait, did I just type that?

“Long ago in the Desert Frontier a mineral of incredible magical power was discovered: Arcanium. An Arcanium Rush commenced and miners banded together to form corporations dedicated to gathering and exploiting as much Arcanium as possible. They developed new technologies to maximize their mining efforts.”

And then it all came crashing down.

“As the technology advanced the machines began to self-replicate. Then something extraordinary happened – they gained sentience. In time these sentient machines struck out on their own and founded Neon City. The machines began to use Plasma as a power source but it quickly dwindled. In a search for new sources of Plasma the leadership of the Robot Overlords splintered. C455-Andra, one of the Overlords, ascended to power with the promise to send their robotic forces throughout all the lands of Trove to conquer and collect the resources they so desired.”

That, of course, is where players come in, as we’ll be teaming up with the Resistors to fight the bots. Eat rocks, bots.

Massively OP’s MJ Guthrie deep-dived the Heroes expansion earlier this week, so make sure to get caught up on everything coming, including the new class and zone!


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Chris Moss

Guess I will be coming back to give this a try


So, basically, Bitcoin caused the AI singularity.

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So… Trove has a story, now?

Between this, ESO drawing me back, Star Trek breaking out the DS9 cast, and WoW’s new expansion appearing on the horizon…. I might be in trouble.

Chris Moss

“MMOs are a hell of a drug!”