Trove’s Heroes expansion adds superhero-themed city and class this spring

Today is a positively massive day for fans of Trove – and fans of superheroes, for that matter – as Trion is announcing a brand-new expansion for the popular MMO and its 15 million players. It’s called Heroes, and yes, it’s comic-themed!

Trove – Heroes focuses on the neon festooned city of Luminopolis, a new high-tech skyscraper-laden section of Neon City. Luminopolis has been thrust into a battle for power between the evilly robotic Amperium and the Resistors, a rebel group fighting to bring the light back to the city. Players will partake in all new adventures, interact with new NPCs, wage battle against gigantic invading Mega World Bosses, and fight to save Luminopolis from the nefarious threat of the Amperion.”

If you’re sick of all your existing classes, you’ll be thrilled to know there’s a new one coming too, the Vanguardian. “A heroic class that pulls inspiration from the classic silver age of comic heroes, the Vanguardian is a paragon of virtue and strength,” Trion says. “Utilizing fluid combat in up close and personal melee skirmishes and from afar via effective ranged attacks, the Vanguardian is well-equipped to take up the cause of the Resistors and turn back the Amperion once and for all!”

It also looks as if the game is adding a world boss type of mechanic set called the beacon system: “Bright lights that shine in the sky to attract heroes to their challenges, beacons will test the mettle of even the strongest Trovian, summoning enormous enemies to do battle, with a great opportunity for loot granted to the victor!”

Expect it this spring on all platforms. Trion will be showcasing the whole shebang this afternoon on its Twitch channel starting at 3:30 p.m. EST:

Source: Press release
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